: Annuaire des studios d’enregistrement et des salles de répétitions en France


13 - Bouches-du-Rhône

454 Petite Route des Jardins

13210 Saint-Rémy de Provence

04 32 60 02 56

Ingénieur(s) du son : Herve Le Guil

Studio Professionnel

  • Studio Audio


La Fabrique is a beautiful residential recording studio located in Saint-Rémy de Provence (south of France) in an old, beginning of the 19th century mansion. The studio is built within one of the most impressive classi-cal music record collection in the world of more than 200,000 vinyls but also 30,000 films and thousands of books... The facility features state-of-the-art equipment and esoteric acoustic spaces.


The spaces dedicated to recording total more than 600 square meters (around 6500 square foot) with various sizes, volumes and acoustics and sometimes with high ceilings (12 meters in the dark room).


NEVE 88R 72 Channels
ENCORE automation

MacPro 8Core @3,2Ghz - 8Gb RAM
Protools 9.0.3 on Snow Leopard
HD5 Accel on chassis Magma PE6R4

72 AD/DA Through :
- 4 Lynx Aurora 16
- 1 Digidesign 96 I/O

Plus :
- Digidesign 192 DIGITAL
- Digidesign Sync I/O

External printing rig :
Pyramix rig with ISIS Remote
Or 2d ProTools rig with 192 digital I/O

Waves platinum Bundle
Melodyne Studio

2T Converters
Burl Bomber B2 AD and DA
Mytek Stereo96 AD and DA

Tape Machines
Studer A 800 MK III 24 Tracks 2”
Sony 3348
Timeline Microlynx synchroniser

DW Fearn VT-2 - Tube Stereo
Milenia STT1 -Tube or SS mono
SPL Channel One - Stereo
SPL Gold Mike x4 - Tube Stereo
SPL Gainstation - Tube + SS

Universal Audio 1176LN x2
Empirical Lab Distressor x2
Chandler Ltd EMI TG1 - Stereo
Neve 33609 JD - Stereo
Al.So Hellax
Focustrite Blue 330 Isomorphic -Stereo
ADL 1500 - Stereo
DBX 162 - Stereo
EMT 266 - Stereo
Tube-tech CL 1 B
Tube-tech SMC2B Mastering - Stereo
SSL XLogic G Quad Bus Compressor
SPL Kultube - Stereo
Orban Gate/Comp/Limit/Deesser 424 A -2 CH
Orban Deesser 536 A -2 CH

GML 8200 - Stereo
Tube-tech PE1C
Focusrite Blue 315 Isomorphic - Stereo
SPL Qure - Tube stereo
SPL Tube Vitalyser - Tube stereo

Lexicon 480 L + LARC